Chandra Mohan T Reddy

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Commercially available single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) contain large percentages of metal and carbonaceous impurities. These fractions influence the SWCNT physical properties and performance, yet their chemical compositions are not well defined. This lack of information also precludes accurate environmental risk assessments for specific SWCNT(More)
Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induced inflammation is implicated in the infection associated testicular tissue damage. Earlier, using a LPS induced acute endotoxemic rat model, we have shown the involvement of inflammation-induced oxidative stress in the impaired steroidogenesis and spermatogenesis. In the present study, we report a significant(More)
The benzene extract of Hibiscus rosa sinensis flowers was administered intraperitoneally at the dose levels of 125 and 250 mg/kg body weight to adult mice and resulted in an irregular estrous cycle with prolonged estrus and metestrus. An increase in the atretic follicles and the absence of corpora lutea indicate the antiovulatory effect of the extract. The(More)
The benzene chloroform and alcoholic extracts of the flowers of H.r.sinensis were administered (i.p.) at two different dose levels of 125 and 250 mg/kg body weight to adult male albino mice for 20 days. The results have shown decrease in the spermatogenic elements of testis and epididymal sperm count. High content of testicular cholesterol may be due to(More)
Nineteen patients, nine males and ten females had 24 episodes of diabetic ketoacidosis. Infection was the precipitating factor in the development of ketoacidosis. Recovery of ketoacidosis occurred with 0.7 units of crystalline insulin per kg of body weight. The insulin requirement is less than the generally recommended dose. Hypoglycemia, hypokalemia, and(More)
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  • 1979
A 10-year-old girl initially presented with clinical features and thyroid function tests consistent with hyperthyroidism. She was treated with propylthiouracil, 100 mg, three times a day. She developed jaundice and hepatitis following treatment with propylthiouracil for 40 days. Clinical features of hepatitis improved after the discontinuation of(More)
Conductive rubber material has been widely investigated as a sensor and transducer material due to its high piezoresistive, conductive properties. In this paper, we report on a flexible tactile sensor which is based on conductive rubber filled with carbon black. Firstly, a physical model related linear elasticity mechanics and franklinic analogue method is(More)
— The investigation on the thermal stability of macro and nano molecular network has emerged, over the years, as a powerful tool for their characterization [1, 2, and3]. The structure of the main chain, the main chain bonds and the nature of the crosslink's and the presence of any extra-network materials all affect the thermal stability of polymer(More)