Chandra Krishna

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 Bacillus subtilis CBTK 106, isolated from banana wastes, produced high titres of α-amylase when banana fruit stalk was used as substrate in a solid-state fermentation system. The effects of initial moisture content, particle size, cooking time and temperature, pH, incubation temperature, additional nutrients, inoculum size and incubation period on the(More)
This in vitro study compared the load necessary to cause porcelain bond failure on porcelain covering the labial and palatal surfaces compared with porcelain covering only labial surface in metal ceramic crowns of maxillary anterior teeth. 30 metal ceramic crowns for maxillary central incisor tooth were fabricated in two groups (Groups A and Group B) (15(More)
Materials and Methods: All the patients with fracture distal end radius are classified according to the Universal classification after radiographic evaluation.There were 20 males and 10 females between the age group of 20 – 60 years. Injury occurred due to road traffic accident in 50% of cases. The dominant wrist (right) was affected in 60% of cases. Five(More)
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