Chandra B Dissanayake

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Concentrations of Ti, Ga, As, Sc, Zr, Sn, Hf, Th, U and Y have been determined for 70 paddy soils from 14 villages, selected throughout Sri Lanka by means of ICP-MS. The mean elemental contents of all paddy soil samples were 6120 Ti, 14.1 Ga, 0.84 As, 7.26 Sc, 129 Zr, 2.27 Sn, 3.64 Hf, 12.71 Th, 1.53 U, and 13.35 Y (all data in microg/g). Paddy soils were(More)
Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) are a common health problem prevalent in the wet zone of Sri Lanka with a prevalence of >25% of the population. In comparison, in the dry zone of Sri Lanka IDD occurs in <10% of the population. Seventy soil samples from 14 villages selected on the basis of the incidence of goitre, were collected and analysed for 13 trace(More)
Ultramafic rocks and their related soils (i.e., serpentine soils) are non-anthropogenic sources of metal contamination. Elevated concentrations of metals released from these soils into the surrounding areas and groundwater have ecological-, agricultural-, and human health-related consequences. Here we report the geochemistry of four different serpentine(More)
The mid-canal of Kandy, a 8-km effluent canal that runs through the city, collects massive quantities of domestic, municipal, and agricultural waste products. In this study, 37 samples from canal water and 13 from nearby drinking water wells were analyzed for their total Pb, Cd, V, Fe, and ferrous ion content. The following average values for the canal(More)
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