Chandni Rajendran

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The second case of phaeohyphomycosis due to Exophiala spinifera in India has been diagnosed 46 years after the initial case. The present case involved a 12-year-old female patient with no known immunocompromising conditions. She presented with multiple verrucous, well-defined plaques encompassing phaeohyphomycotic lesions of varying sizes on her face,(More)
BACKGROUND Combination antibiotic regimens are effective in the treatment of actinomycetoma but many treatment schedules require supervised parenteral therapy for prolonged periods. We describe a schedule that includes parenteral medication in an initial, short phase followed by a longer phase of oral medication. METHODS Sixteen patients with clinically(More)
EDGE is an accessible text-input overlay on touch screen phones that is designed specifically to enable speedier typing by users with vision impairment. The model uses the edges of the phone because all the tactile references available on a touch screen are concentrated along the edges. The characters are laid out along the edges in the same grouping as a(More)
The first case of sporotrichosis from Nepal is reported in a 25-year-old man from a village about 60 km east of Kathmandu. He never travelled outside of Nepal before and had acquired the lymphocutaneous form of the disease after an accidental injury to the right foot while cutting wood. The diagnosis of the case was made by culturing Sporothrix schenckii(More)
BACKGROUND Chromoblastomycosis is reported for the first time from the states of Jammu-Kashmir and Bihar along with two additional cases from the states of Assam and Uttar Pradesh. The work carried cut on this disease in the Indian subcontinent is reviewed. METHODS Relevant mycologic investigations, including direct microscopy, histopathology, and(More)
Cryptococcal meningitis in a 35-year old male who had a history of chronic alcoholism and sexual promiscuity, is presented here. The patient presented twice, 6 weeks apart, with altered sensorium. On the earlier occasion, CSF examination and CT head scan were entirely normal, while on the second occasion CSF abnormalities were found which led to the(More)