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In recent years medical handover has been identified as an increasingly important area for hospitals to improve upon, in light of the changes in shift patterns for doctors. Significant changes to weekday handover had recently been successfully introduced at Broomfield hospital. Weekend handover remained a concern, with an electronic and paper system being(More)
When using the secure cloud storage services on resources limited Mobile Devices, the confidentiality of sensitive data must be ensured before uploading the data on cloud storage servers. The complex security operations to ensure security are restricted to execute due to the resource constrained mobile devices. The huge volume of complex security operations(More)
Human figure drawing tasks like the Draw-A-Person (DAP) task have long been used to assess intelligence (Goodenough, 1926). To what extent are these tasks valid as measures of cognitive ability? What other skills, if any, do DAP intelligence tests measure? This study investigates the skills tapped by drawing and investigates risk factors associated with(More)
Venesection is a widely practised procedure, involving the removal of a unit of blood in order to treat haemochromatosis and polycythaemia. It is still well regarded due to a lack of better alternatives and a small side effect profile. At Barnet General Hospital, venesection has recently been a physician led service, unlike its neighbouring hospital at(More)
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