Chandini Nayar

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Basella alba is used in many parts of the world for its medicinal use as laxative, anti-inflammatory, rubefacient, soothing as well as its cooling effects when applied to burns and scalds. It’s also used for haemorrhages, skin diseases, sexual weakness, ulcers and as laxative in children and pregnant women. In Nigeria, used for fertility enhancement in(More)
Parastenocypris goddeerisi n.sp. and P. achandii n.sp. are described from temporary habitats in Kerala, southern India. The morphology of both males and females is illustrated and the new species are compared to the known representatives of the genus. Stenocypris fernandoi Neale, described from Sri Lanka, is here referred to Parastenocypris.
The cyclomorphosis ofBrachionus calyciflorus collected from a pond in Pilani, India has been studied. It has been found that the production of additional structures such as posterolateral spines is mainly due to the sufficient quantity of food available for them. The quantitative study of the rotifer in relation to the physicochemical factors of the water(More)
The only species of Cladocera so far known from Rajasthan is Latona tiwari decribed by BISwAS (1964) . The present paper which deals with 17 species of Cladocera, is based on a few collections from different localities in Raj asthan during the period between 1962 and 1964. In earlier papers I have already described the Conchostraca (NAYAR, 1965) and(More)
Gels are a relatively newer class of dosage form created by entrapment of large amounts of aqueous or hydro alcoholic liquid in a network of colloidal solid particles. Gel formulations generally provide faster drug release compared with conventional ointments and creams. In spite of many advantages of gels, a major limitation is in the difficulty in(More)