Chandima Abeywickrama

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The autofluorescent lipofuscin pigment A2E accumulates in retinal pigment epithelial cells with age and is particularly abundant in some retinal disorders. To generate a polyclonal antibody that recognizes this pyridinium bisretinoid molecule, we immunized rabbits with bovine serum albumin (BSA) conjugates in which the protein was linked to the A2E molecule(More)
New dequalinium analogues and related heteroaromatic systems were synthesized and evaluated for inhibition of protein kinase Calpha. In vitro assays with recombinant human PKCalpha showed that the number of the aromatic ring head groups as well as their electron-richness, are critical factors that determine potency. The inhibitory strengths of the(More)
Condensation of 5,6-diamino-4,7-phenanthroline with glyoxal provides 1,4,5,12-tetraazatriphenylene in quantitative yield. This procedure avoids the 50% loss of product inherent in previous methods. Derivatives were also prepared by using alpha-dicarbonyl compounds other than glyoxal. Additional derivatives were prepared from(More)
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