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During the last couple of years, the cellular system becomes one of the popular wireless communication mediums. But in the hot spot region, the use of WLAN is increased due to its high data rate and low installation cost. So there is a requirement for suitable integration technique of 3G/GPRS and WLAN to increase the area of coverage and high data rate. In(More)
In this paper, we propose a layered MPLS based mobility solution to support mobility in seamless manner. This scheme uses an enhanced type of MPLS router called label edge mobility agent (LEMA), takes an active part in mobility management. To support fast and dynamic handoff an intelligent multicasting method is discussed that shows good performance in(More)
Prevention of silver nano particle from aggregation is a very difficult task. The stabilization of nano silver particle is one of the most important factors which Nano particles are may easily interact with high acidic and basic solution. Zeta potential can reveal the particle stability once those particle were kept in a gel like capping solution. The main(More)
Recently, the growing need of telecommunications such as VideoConference, Voice over IP etc. and for the diversity of transported flows, Internet network does not meet the requirements of future integrated services satisfying Quality-of-Services (QoS). This is become much more complex for heterogeneous networks especially for wireless networks. In this(More)
In this paper, MPLS based mobility management is proposed by enabling HMPv6/MPLS in 3G/WLAN integrated framework. We develop an analytical model to evaluate registration update cost, network throughput and average packet transmission delay inside and outside the hierarchical domain for the proposed structure. Numerical results show that our proposed(More)
This paper aims to develop a wireless power transfer module that provides uninterrupted power to the distant nodes. Wireless charging is now a promising challenge and so many researches are going on to provide an optimal solution. Wi-charging is a concept that uses laser as an optical source and this optical energy is used to charge the wireless devices.(More)
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