Chanderdeep Tandon

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Rickettsioses have not been reported from the plains of North India and Haryana in particular. Here we are reporting three cases of scrub typhus and one cases of Indian tick typhus in the state of Haryana, all of which presented with fever and multi organ dysfunction, rash and without eschar. All were successfully treated with doxycycline.
Picroside-I (P-I) is a member of the iridoid glycosides family of natural products, which are used to treat liver disorders. The growing medicinal need for this benign compound has stimulated the present study to identify genes important for the biosynthesis of P-I. In this study, molecular screens have been generated using gene expression patterns obtained(More)
The C-terminal PDZ-binding motifs are required for polarized apical/basolateral localization of many membrane proteins. Ezrin–radixin–moesin (ERM) proteins regulate the organization and function of specific cortical structures in polarized epithelial cells by connecting filamentous (F)-actin to plasma membrane proteins through EBP50. Previous work showed(More)
BACKGROUND Portal hypertensive gastropathy is associated with fundic gland atrophy, resulting in a decrease in chief and parietal cells, and diminished acid secretion. METHODS Acid secretion by isolated parietal cells was measured (acridine orange retention), along with the levels of various second messengers (intracellular Ca(2+), cyclic adenosine(More)
Portal hypertensive gastropathy is associated with a broad spectrum of gastric mucosal damage inspite of decreased gastric acid secretion, suggestive of compromised endogenous protective mechanisms. To determine the mechanisms of damage in portal hypertensive gastropathy we measured lipid peroxidation, glutathione, antioxidant and lysosomal enzymes in(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Many medicinal plants have been employed during ages to treat urinary stones though the rationale behind their use is not well established. Recently, we have successfully purified an anticalcifying protein from the seeds of Trachyspermum ammi (L.) Sprague ex Turril (Umbelliferae) using oxalate depletion assay and deciphered(More)
Hyperoxaluria is a condition where excessive oxalate is present in the urine. Many reports have documented free radical generation followed by hyperoxaluria as a consequence of which calcium oxalate deposition occurs in the kidney tissue. The present invivo study was designed to investigate the potential of N-acetylcysteine in modulating hyperoxaluric(More)
Mineralization of aorta is known to occur late in life and appears to be a pathological phenomenon. In vitro studies revealed that the matrix prepared from the thoracic aorta pieces after their extraction with 3% Na2HPO4 and 0.1 mM CaCl2 were mineralized under physiological conditions of temperature, pH, and ionic strength of the media to form matrix-bound(More)
Apactin is an 80-kDa type I membrane glycoprotein derived from pro-Muclin, a precursor that also gives rise to the zymogen granule protein Muclin. Previous work showed that apactin is efficiently removed from the regulated secretory pathway and targeted to the actin-rich apical plasma membrane of the pancreatic acinar cell. The cytosolic tail (C-Tail) of(More)
Studies demonstrate that flexor tendons contain loosely associated biomolecules which inhibit its mineralization under physiological conditions. Based upon their molecular weights, these inhibitory biomolecules, could be classified into two categories, having molecular weights less than and greater than 13,000 daltons. The main inhibitory biomolecule was(More)