Chandana Tamma

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This paper describes Rensselaer's ACT 4 electrical impedance tomography system which has been developed for breast cancer detection. ACT 4 acquires electrical impedance data at a set of discrete frequencies in the range from 3.33 kHz to 1 MHz and can support up to 72 electrodes. The instrument applies either voltages or currents to all the electrodes(More)
Electrical impedance tomography (EIT), a non-invasive technique used to image the electrical conductivity and permittivity within a body from measurements taken on the body's surface, could be used as an indicator for breast cancer. Because of the low spatial resolution of EIT, combining it with other modalities may enhance its utility. X-ray mammography,(More)
This paper focuses on an approach involving application of multiple current patterns using multiple voltage sources in ACT4 system. Application of multiple current patterns is known to suppress the high spatial frequency noise over the application of voltage patterns. Since current sources are difficult and expensive to build, several algorithms were(More)
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