Chandana Mondal

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The conditions which determine whether a material behaves in a brittle or ductile fashion on mechanical loading are still elusive and comprise a topic of active research among materials physicists and engineers. In this study, we present the results of in silico mechanical deformation experiments from two very different model solids in two and three(More)
We report computer simulation studies of the kinetics of ordering of a two-dimensional system of particles on a template with a one-dimensional periodic pattern. In equilibrium, one obtains a reentrant liquid-solid-liquid phase transition as the strength of the substrate potential is varied. We show that domains of crystalline order grow as ~t(1/z), with(More)
Using molecular dynamics simulations we study, in two dimensions, the temperature-density phase diagram of a simple model with two internal states labeled 1 and -1. The particles interact with a modified Lennard-Jones potential, which depends on relative positions of the particles as well as on their state. Working in an ensemble where the system reduces to(More)
We study the phase-ordering dynamics of a 2D model colloidal solid using molecular dynamics simulations. The colloid particles interact with each other with a Hamaker potential modified by the presence of equatorial "patches" of attractive and repulsive regions. The total interaction potential between two such colloids is, therefore, strongly directional(More)
Numerical Simulations are employed to create amorphous nano-films of a chosen thickness on a crystalline substrate which induces strain on the film. The films are grown by a vapor deposition technique which was recently developed to create very stable glassy films. Using the exact relations between the Hessian matrix and the shear and bulk moduli we explore(More)
Self-assembled, one-dimensional (1D) nanomaterials are amenable building blocks for bottom-up nanofabrication processes. A current shortcoming in the self-assembly of 1D nanomaterials in solution phase is the need for specific linkers or templates under very precise conditions to achieve a handful of systems. Here we report on the origin of a novel(More)
We revisit the problem of the stress distribution in a frictional sandpile with both normal and tangential (frictional) inter-granular forces, under gravity, equipped with a new numerical method of generating such assemblies. Numerical simulations allow a determination of the spatial dependence of all the components of the stress field, principle stress(More)
We study the effect of an external one-dimensional periodic field on thermodynamic anomalies associated with a two-dimensional model liquid with anisotropic interactions. The model system, a 50 : 50 binary mixture of two species of particles interacting with an angle-dependent Lennard-Jones potential, has a rich phase diagram and shows many features of(More)
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