Chandana Gamage

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Firewalls typically filter network traffic at several different layers. At application layer, filtering is based on various security relevant information encapsulated into protocol messages. The major obstacle for efficient verification of authenticity of messages at application layer is the difficulty of verifying digital signatures without disclosure of(More)
The research area of very large scale wireless sensor networks made of low-cost sensors is gaining a lot of interest as witnessed by the large number of published papers. The security aspects of such networks are addressed as well, and in particular many security papers investigating the security aspects of such networks make important assumptions about the(More)
Traditionally, the process of online digital content distribution has involved a limited number of centralised distributors selling protected contents and licenses authorising the use of these contents, to consumers. In this paper, we extend this model by introducing a security scheme that enables DRM preserving digital content redistribution. Essentially(More)
There are many applications in which it is necessary to transmit authenticatable messages while achieving certain privacy goals such as signer ambiguity. The emerging area of vehicular ad-hoc network is a good example application domain with this requirement. The ring signature technique that uses an ad-hoc group of signer identities is a widely used method(More)
Functional security requirements of information systems can roughly be classiied into two: computer security requirements and communications security requirements. Challenges for developing notations for expressing these requirements are numerous, most importantly the diiculty of dealing with layers of abstraction, exibility to adapt into many types of(More)
Designing security of wide-area distributed systems is a highly complicated task. The complexity of underlying distribution and replica-tion infrastructures together with the diversity of application scenarios increases the number of security requirements that must be addressed. High assurance requires the security enforcement to be isolated from(More)
In augmented reality applications for handheld devices, accuracy and speed of the tracking algorithm are two of the most critical parameters to achieve realism. This paper presents a comprehensive framework to evaluate feature tracking algorithms on these two parameters. While there is a substantial body of knowledge on these aspects, a novel feature(More)
In this paper we examine several access control problems that occur in an object-based distributed system that permits objects to be replicated on multiple machines. First, there is the classical access control problem, which relates to which users can execute which methods. Second, we identified a reverse access control problem, which concerns which(More)