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In this paper, various prominent local and global descriptors are evaluated against each other for analyzing their performance on shape-based image retrieval. Local descriptors include Fourier descriptors, Weber’s local descriptor, local binary patterns, and local ternary patterns. The prominent global descriptors include moment invariants, generic Fourier(More)
A lot of research has been done in recognizing handwritten characters in many languages like Chinese, Arabic, Devnagari, Urdu and English. This paper focuses on the problem of recognition of isolated handwritten numerals in Gurumukhi script. We have used different feature extraction techniques such as projection histograms, background directional(More)
Text line segmentation is extremely important phase of OCR. Overlapped lines, skewed lines and connected components make the problem of line segmentation more complicated in Gurumukhi handwritten documents. The existence of these problems in handwritten text documents declines the performance of OCR system. In this paper, we present a technique to solve(More)
This paper presents a robust two-stage face recognition approach that combines the traits of global features in first stage and the local features in second stage. The global features are extracted from Zernike moments (ZMs) method that encompasses the useful characteristics of being invariant to image rotation, scale, and noise. The local features are(More)