Chandan Singh

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BACKGROUND Much attention has been recently focused on the role of cancer stem cells (CSCs) in the initiation and progression of solid malignancies. Since CSCs are able to proliferate and self-renew extensively due to their ability to express anti-apoptotic and drug resistant proteins, thus sustaining tumor growth. Therefore, the strategy to eradicate CSCs(More)
Building on the lead from antimalarial isonitriles 1-4 of marine origin, several easily accessible synthetic isonitriles were assessed for their antimalarial activity against Plasmodium falciparum (in vitro) and multidrug resistant Plasmodium yoelii in Swiss mice model (in vivo). Isonitrile 11 has shown promising activity in both these assays.
A fast and numerically stable recursive method for the computation of orthogonal Fourier–Mellin moments (OFMMs) is proposed. Fast recursive method is developed for the radial polynomials which occur in the kernel function of the OFMMs, thus enhancing the overall computation speed. The proposed method is free from any overflow situations as it does not(More)
Bone is one of the most intriguing biomaterials found in nature consisting of bundles of collagen helixes, hydroxyapatite, and water, forming an exceptionally tough, yet lightweight material. We present here an experimental tool to map water-dependent subtle changes in triple helical assembly of collagen protein in its absolute native environment. Collagen(More)
Polar harmonic transforms (PHTs) are orthogonal rotation invariant transforms that provide many numerically stable features. The kernel functions of PHTs consist of sinusoidal functions that are inherently computation intensive. We develop a fast approach for their computation using recursion and 8-way symmetry/anti-symmetry property of the kernel(More)
In this paper, various prominent local and global descriptors are evaluated against each other for analyzing their performance on shape-based image retrieval. Local descriptors include Fourier descriptors, Weber’s local descriptor, local binary patterns, and local ternary patterns. The prominent global descriptors include moment invariants, generic Fourier(More)
In our search for synthetic substitutes for artemisinin and its derivatives we had earlier prepared a series of adamantane-based 1, 2, 4-trioxanes 5a-c which had shown promising activity against P. berghei in Swiss mice. We have further evaluated these and two new compounds (5d-e) against Plasmodium knowlesi W1, a virulent malaria parasite in rhesus(More)