Chandan Kumar

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BACKGROUND This paper examines if, when controlling for biophysical and geographical variables (including rainfall, productivity of agricultural lands, topography/temperature, and market access through road networks), socioeconomic and health care indicators help to explain variations in the under-five mortality rate across districts from nine high focus(More)
Geographic retrieval and visualization systems are essential to satisfy user's spatial information needs. However, the end users spatial information need is much more diverse and demanding in complex decision making scenarios such as: Persons moving to a new area need information about which place meets their individual demands. To analyze such(More)
A new method for sentence extraction on the basis of language model with relative entropy is presented in this paper. The proposed technique first builds a sentence language model and document cluster language model respectively for the sentence and the documents. The sentences are then ranked according to the relative entropies of the estimated document(More)
Local search services provide information access about specific locations, facilities and geographic points of interest. However, in various information seeking situations users are not only interested in the specific geo entities but the composition of urban areas and geographic regions. Users need to specify, analyze and compare the geographic regions,(More)
Nowadays local search services are essential to provide access to geographic entities and to satisfy users' spatial information needs. While the users of these services can look for the entities of interest on map interface via sequential search or browsing of individual categories, the visualization of multiple categories simultaneously is still not well(More)
Increasing volumes of spatial data about urban areas are captured and made available via volunteered geographic information (VGI) sources, such as OpenStreetMap (OSM). Hence, new opportunities arise for regional exploration that can lead to improvements in the lives of citizens through spatial decision support. We believe that the VGI data of the urban(More)
Automatic Document summarization is proving to be an increasingly important task to overcome the information overload. The primary task of document summarization process is to pick subset of sentences as a representative of whole document set. We treat this as a decision making problem and estimate the risk involve in making this decision. We calculate the(More)
BACKGROUND India, with a population of more than 1.21 billion, has the highest maternal mortality in the world (estimated to be 56000 in 2010); and adolescent (aged 15-19) mortality shares 9% of total maternal deaths. Addressing the maternity care needs of adolescents may have considerable ramifications for achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG)-5.(More)
People moving to a new place usually look for a suitable region with respect to their multiple criteria of interests. In this work we map this problem to the migration behavior of other species such as swarming, which is a collective behavior exhibited by animals of similar size which aggregate together, milling about the same region. Taking the swarm(More)