Chandan Kumar Brahma

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INTRODUCTION During the past decades research is going on in developing the methods to target the drug to the specific region. The goal of targeted drug delivery is to deliver the drug to the specific organ. Colon targeted drug delivery is used to deliver the substances that are degraded by the digestive enzymes in the stomach such as proteins and peptides.(More)
AIM The current paper was an attempt to design a sustained release dosage form using various grades of hydrophilic polymers, Hypromellose (hydroxyl-propyl methylcellulose [HPMC] K15M, HPMC K100M and HPMC K200M) and Polyacrylate polymers, Eudragit RL100 and Eudragit RS100 with or without incorporating ethyl cellulose on a matrix-controlled drug delivery(More)
In the present investigation an attempt has been made to design efficacious and prolonged release mucoadhesive tablet of salbutamol sulphate using various polymers to avoid the first pass metabolism to reduce dossing frequency and to improve patient compliance. Mucoadhesive buccal tablet of salbutamol sulphate were fabricated with objective of avoiding(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronotherapy considers a person’s biological rhythms in determining the timing and amount of medication to optimize a drug’s desired effects and minimize the undesired ones. Study of influence of biological rhythm on the effects of medication is known as chronopharmacology while the science of study of biological rhythms is known as(More)
The main objective of present investigation is to formulate the sustained release tablet of Metoprolol Succinate using 3 factorial design. Metoprolol Succinate, is a selective β1blocker, to treat Hypertension & Heart Failure. The SR tablets of Metoprolol Succinate were prepared employing different concentrations of HPMCK15M and HPMCK100M in different(More)
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