Chandan Bhunia

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(servers in PDSN) examines the authenticity of MS. In this paper, we propose a mutual authentication technique that verifies the authenticity of the subscriber as well as the network by subscriber's password, SIM and biometric property of the subscriber. Two biometric parameters are used in which one biometric parameter is stored in SIM and the other(More)
—Authentication of remote user needs research due to increasing security threats and attacks with the increasing volume of wired and wireless traffic. All of the popular password-based remote user authentication are fixed authentication and provides only entity authentication, not provides any data authentication. This paper is a proposal of Time Variant(More)
Authentication of mobile subscribers and network are a challenging issue to the researchers due to increasing security threats and attacks with the enhanced population of wireless traffic. 3-G or advanced mobile communication system has been developed to speed up the data communication. 3-G mobile communications use two different switching techniques:(More)
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