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Introduction Beta-thalassemia is a group of inherited hemolytic anemias and one of the most common genetic disorders in Thailand. The clinical spectrum of beta-thalassemia disease ranges from mild to(More)
Congenital factor VII (FVII) deficiency is a rare inherited coagulopathy. The clinical manifestations and clinical findings vary widely, ranging from asymptomatic to life-threatening bleeding,(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to test the applicability and effectiveness of the enhanced informed consent form (ICF) methodology, proposed by the Strategic Initiative for Developing Capacity in Ethical(More)
Background Thalassemia is a common congenital hemolytic disorder. In severe cases, regular blood transfusion is essentially required. The role of premedications to prevent transfusion reactions is(More)
BACKGROUND Children often require relief of pain and anxiety when undergoing painful procedures. OBJECTIVE To determine the differences by comparing fentanyl and ketamine used in cancer-diagnosed(More)