Chanan Singh

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— With the stricter environmental regulation and diminishing fossil-fuel reserve, various renewable sources of energy are being exploited recently. These alternative sources of energy are usually environmentally friendly and emit no pollutants. However, the capital investments for those renewable sources of energy are normally high and there are also(More)
The global wind power industry involves operations in highly stochastic environments and thus faces challenges in enhancing reliability and reducing maintenance costs. Earlier studies related to wind energy facility reliability and maintenance focused more on qualitative aspects, discussing the unique influencing factors in wind power operations and their(More)
—In this paper, cross-correlation study between wind generation and load in Texas has been conducted. Through comparison between onshore and potential offshore wind farm sites, offshore wind farm proved to have slightly higher correlation with load than onshore wind farm. The results also show significant seasonal changes, which could be of importance in(More)
Catastrophic failures of circuit breakers result in high cost associated with loss of load and component replacement. The probability of such failures can be reduced using maintenance procedures. Probabilistic models are needed to estimate failure rate, perform cost benefit analysis and arrive at an optimal maintenance strategy that balances the cost of(More)
This paper describes a sequential Monte Carlo simulation method for the reliability analysis of standby and emergency power systems. The results obtained from this method are compared with those from the Markov cut-set approach. It is shown that the Monte Carlo simulation can yield additional useful information on the probability distribution of indices in(More)
Every reliability analysis effort, in some way, involves searching the state space of the system for those states that represent the events of interest, typically failure of the system or a given node to meet the demand. This essentially translates into a search procedure to efficiently identify states to be examined and then using a mechanism to evaluate(More)