Chanan Singh

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With the stricter environmental regulation and diminishing fossil-fuel reserve, various renewable sources of energy are being exploited. These alternative sources of energy are usually environmentally friendly and emit no pollutants. However, the capital investments for those renewable sources of energy are normally high and there are also maintenance cost(More)
Continuous Phase Modulation is a popular digital modulation scheme for systems which have tight spectral efficiency and Peak-to-Average ratio (PAR) constraints. In this thesis we propose a method of estimating the capacity for a Continuous Phase Modulation (CPM) system and also describe techniques for design of codes for this system. We note that the CPM(More)
The global wind power industry involves operations in highly stochastic environments and thus faces challenges in enhancing reliability and reducing maintenance costs. Earlier studies related to wind energy facility reliability and maintenance focused more on qualitative aspects, discussing the unique influencing factors in wind power operations and their(More)
Good failure analysis is the ability to determine the site of a circuit defect quickly and accurately. We propose a method for defect site prediction that is based on a site's probability of excitation, making no assumptions about the type of defect being analyzed. We do this by analyzing fault signatures and comparing them to the defect signature. We use(More)
— A widely supported effort to modernize the United States power system has led to an engineering initiative variously known as 'smart grid', 'intelligrid', " gridwise " , " modern grid " , " perfect grid " , " future grid " , and similarly denomi-nated programs. These efforts generally include features of: self-healing from power disturbance events,(More)