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With the stricter environmental regulation and diminishing fossil-fuel reserve, various renewable sources of energy are being exploited. These alternative sources of energy are usually environmentally friendly and emit no pollutants. However, the capital investments for those renewable sources of energy are normally high and there are also maintenance cost(More)
(PSERC) is a multi-university Center conducting research on challenges facing the electric power industry and educating the next generation of power engineers. More information about PSERC can be found at the Center's website: Notice Concerning Copyright Material PSERC members are given permission to copy without fee all or part of this publication for(More)
The penetration of information-age technologies can bring significant changes to the area of instrumentation, monitoring, control, and protection in power systems. The development of the special protection schemes (SPS) is also likely to be influenced greatly. This paper proposes a conceptual all-digital SPS architecture which is possible in the future. The(More)
Continuous Phase Modulation is a popular digital modulation scheme for systems which have tight spectral efficiency and Peak-to-Average ratio (PAR) constraints. In this thesis we propose a method of estimating the capacity for a Continuous Phase Modulation (CPM) system and also describe techniques for design of codes for this system. We note that the CPM(More)