Chanaka Edirisinghe

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This paper examines the correlation between the relative financial strength of public firms and their stock price performance. By using financial information obtained from the firms’ publicly available financial statement as inputs and outputs in Data Envelopment Analysis (CCR model), a relative financial strength of a firm is determined relative to other(More)
Portfolios are constructed to increase returns and manage risk. In high-risk investment strategies, central measures of risk must be complemented with tail measures of risk. An unanticipated event impacting securities of one firm can contagiously affect those of other firms through a contagion flow process. The connections between firms due to a variety of(More)
The capacity planning and operation problem of a multi-purpose water reservoir has been extensively studied in the literature. Optimization techniques, especially linear programming, have been used quite successfully. Although most models are robust enough as planning tools, they fall short of providing an operational policy for the shorter term. In this(More)
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