Chana Bar-El

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Intravenous drug abuse is a principal factor in the spread of AIDS. In contrast to many countries in the Western world, most of the heroin addicts in Israel do not inject. This study attempts to clarify the link between the pattern of drug abuse and seroprevalence for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) among volunteers attending a detoxification clinic in(More)
To elucidate the forees maintaining protein polymorphisms, microgeographic differentiation in proteins, encoded by 30 loci, was tested in 285 individuals comprising 3 species of landsnails in Israel. Each test consisted of 2 close subpopulations: one from the drier and warmer south-facing slope and the other from the opposite wetter and cooler north-facing(More)
Allozymic variation in proteins encoded by 20 loci was analyzed electrophoretically in 126 adult specimens representing 4 populations and 2 species of the desert landsnail Trochoidea, subgenus Xerocrassa, in a variable desert climatic back-ground of temperature and water factors. In addition, geographic variation in 3 morphological body variables of these(More)
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