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Raman spectroscopy was first adopted for rapid detecting a hazardous substance of lead chrome green in tea, which was illegally added to tea to disguise as high-quality. 160 samples of tea infusion with different concentrations of lead chrome green were prepared for Raman spectra acquirement in the range of 2804 cm(-1)-230 cm(-1) and the spectral(More)
Chitin is an important structural polysaccharide of fungal cell wall. In this paper, aerial hyphae of Colletotrichum camelliae Massee was first studied by confocal Raman microscopy in vivo. Firstly, the optimal experimental parameters of hyphae for collecting the Raman spectra were determined, and the typical Raman spectra of hyphae, chitin standard and(More)
A total of 180 samples from six varieties of typical tea (30 for each variety) were collected for hyperspectral image classification. The first 2 principal components (PCs) explained over 97% of variances of all spectral information. Gray-level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) analysis was implemented on the 2 principal component (PC) images to extract 24(More)
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