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The Magnaporthe oryzae Effector AvrPiz-t Targets the RING E3 Ubiquitin Ligase APIP6 to Suppress Pathogen-Associated Molecular Pattern–Triggered Immunity in Rice[W][OA]
This work shows that the Magnaporthe oryzae effector AvrPiz-t enters into rice cells to target the RING E3 ubiquitin ligase APIP6 for suppression of PAMP-triggered immunity in rice. It also describesExpand
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The U-Box/ARM E3 Ligase PUB13 Regulates Cell Death, Defense, and Flowering Time in Arabidopsis1[C][W][OA]
The components in plant signal transduction pathways are intertwined and affect each other to coordinate plant growth, development, and defenses to stresses. The role of ubiquitination in connectingExpand
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Apomixis in the interspecific triploid hybrid fern Cornopteris christenseniana (Woodsiaceae)
Cornopteris christenseniana is a "sterile" interspecific triploid hybrid of diploid C. crenulatoserrulata and tetraploid C. decurrenti-alata. Morphological and cytological studies show that, of 41Expand
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Role of lysine residues of the Magnaporthe oryzae effector AvrPiz‐t in effector‐ and PAMP‐triggered immunity
Summary Magnaporthe oryzae is an important fungal pathogen of both rice and wheat. However, how M. oryzae effectors modulate plant immunity is not fully understood. Previous studies have shown thatExpand
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Functional Role of BSL1 Subcellular Localization in Brassinosteroid Signaling
The bri1 Suppressor 1 (BSU1) family mediates the brassinosteroid (BR) signal transduction pathway that orchestrates a wide range of developmental and physiological responses in plants. InExpand
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Population genomic analysis suggests strong influence of river network on spatial distribution of genetic variation in invasive saltcedar across the southwestern United States
Understanding the complex influences of landscape and anthropogenic elements that shape the population genetic structure of invasive species provides insight into patterns of colonization and spread.Expand
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The complete chloroplast genome of Selaginella tamariscina (Beauv.) Spring (Selaginellaceae) isolated in Korea
Abstract Selaginella tamariscina (Beauv.) Spring distributed in East Asia region including Korea used as traditional medicine. We completed chloroplast genome of Korean S. tamariscina. Its length isExpand
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The complete chloroplast genome sequence of traditional medical herb, Plantago depressa Willd. (Plantaginaceae)
Abstract Plantago depressa Willd. (Plantaginaceae) belonging to the section Mesembrynia and subgenus Plantago has been used as a traditional medicine. Here, we presented the complete chloroplastExpand
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A fungal effector and a rice NLR protein have antagonistic effects on a Bowman–Birk trypsin inhibitor
Summary Bowman–Birk trypsin inhibitors (BBIs) play important roles in animal and plant immunity, but how these protease inhibitors are involved in the immune system remains unclear. Here, we showExpand
Effects of triathlon race on cardiac damage biomarkers in triahletes
Over the years, researchers have investigated to describe the changes in biomarkers of cardiac damage during recovery from strenuous and prolonged exercise events. A triathlon is an enduranceExpand