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The extent to which tissue-specific viral infections generate memory T cells specifically adapted to and maintained within the target infection site is unknown. Here, we show that respiratory virus-specific memory T cells in mice and humans are generated and maintained in compartmentalized niches in lungs, distinct from populations in lymphoid tissue or(More)
Lysinoalanine, N6-(DL-2-amino-2-carboxyethyl)-L-lysine, an unusual amino acid implicated as a renal toxic factor in rats, has been found in proteins of home-cooked and commercial foods and ingredients. Although it has been reported to occur in both edible and nonfood proteins only after alkali treatment, it has now been identified in food proteins that had(More)
This work presents a boundary estimation approach for binary mixture fields based on a modified multi-layered neural network and front point approach. The boundary shape of anomaly is expressed with front points and the unknown front points are estimated with the proposed multi-layered neural network. Numerical experiments show that the proposed approach(More)
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