Chan-Woo Cho

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Seven weight-trained males performed both light resistance with partial occlusion (LRO: 30% 1 RM) and moderate resistance (MR: 70% 1 RM) to failure to ascertain whether blood protein carbonyls (PC) and glutathione status was altered compared to partial occlusion (PO) in a counterbalanced fashion. PO was identical in duration to the LRO session and all(More)
BACKGROUND Thalamic tremor is typically characterized by resting and intention components; a postural element is often present as well. Previously reported cases of acquired thalamic tremor have demonstrated lesions in the posterior thalamus or dentatorubrothalamic tract. OBJECTIVES To report a case of dystonic-postural tremor of the upper extremity that(More)
PURPOSE Comparison of various MR imaging techniques without and with the application of Gd-BOPTA for the follow-up of thermal tumor ablations by means of laser-induced therapy (LITT). MATERIALS AND METHODS Thermal tumor ablations were performed with LITT in 19 patients showing a local recurrence. The metastases were from colorectal carcinoma in 15 cases(More)
BACKGROUND For unilateral spinal block, local anesthetics should affect the spinal nerves of 1 side. With full flexion of the spine, the sunken cauda equina becomes tightened and is suspended in the middle of the subarachnoid space. We performed this study to assess whether spinal flexion facilitates unilateral spinal anesthesia. METHODS Hyperbaric(More)
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