Chan-Tong Lam

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In this paper we present a multiple access scheme for the up-link of broadband wireless systems. We consider SCbased (Single Carrier) block transmission, with all users transmitting continuously, regardless of their data-rate. The transmitted signals can have very low envelope fluctuations. Moreover, the different users remain orthogonal, even for severe(More)
Broadband wireless access systems deployed in residential and business environments are likely to face hostile radio propagation environments, with multipath delay spread extending over tens or hundreds of bit intervals. Orthogonal frequency-division multiplex (OFDM) is a recognized multicarrier solution to combat the effects of such multipath conditions.(More)
We consider two techniques of in-band frequency domain multiplexed (FDM) pilots using interleaved frequency domain multiple access (IFDMA) signal with a Chu sequence for DFT-precoded OFDM (or single-carrier (SC)) systems. One, called frequency domain superimposed pilot technique (FDSPT), superimposes pilot tones onto scaled or deleted data tones, which(More)
We investigate channel estimation for single-carrierfrequency domain equalization (SC-FDE) system using the techniques typically used for an orthogonal frequency domain multiplexing (OFDM) system. Two techniques of frequency domain multiplexed (FDM) pilot insertion using interleaved frequency domain multiple access (IFDMA) signal with a Chu sequence are(More)
SC modulations (single-carrier) with FDE (frequency-domain equalization) are promising candidates for future broadband wireless systems. These modulations allow excellent performances in severely time-dispersive channels, provided that accurate channel estimates are available at the receiver. For this purpose, pilot symbols and/or training sequences are(More)
Amplification of generalized multicarrier (GMC) signals by high-power amplifiers (HPAs) before transmission can result in undesirable out-of-band spectral components, necessitating power backoff, and low HPA efficiency. We evaluate variations of several peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) reduction and HPA linearization techniques which were previously(More)
We investigate the feasibility of applying the peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) reduction method using pilot sequences, originally proposed for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signals, for single-carrier (SC) signals with frequency domain multiplexed (FDM) pilots. The idea is to select the FDM pilot sequence with which the transmitted(More)
Intra-Body Communication (IBC), which modulates ionic currents over the human body as the communication medium, offers a low power and reliable signal transmission method for information exchange across the body. This paper first briefly reviews the quasi-static electromagnetic (EM) field modeling for a galvanic-type IBC human limb operating below 1 MHz and(More)
A low complexity frequency domain iterative decision-directed channel estimation (FD-IDDCE) technique for single-carrier (SC) systems with frequency domain multiplexed (FDM) pilots is proposed. The tentative hard decisions from either the frequency domain equalizer output or the Viterbi decoder output are used as extra pilots to further improve the initial(More)
By the generalized multi-carrier (GMC) principle a unified framework to describe various multi-carrier as well as single carrier approaches is established. In this paper the GMC principle is extended to pilot design and channel estimation, so that a unified description of pilot aided channel estimation (PACE) by interpolation in time and frequency is(More)