Chan Se Jeong

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An excavator is a typical hydraulic heavy-duty human-operated machine used in general versatile construction operations, such as digging, carrying loads, grounding and dumping loads. However, operating excavators in the hazard environment such as earthquake, nuclear decomposition etc is not suitable for human to operate on site. Therefore, automation in(More)
A robust positioning control scheme has been developed using friction parameter observer and recurrent fuzzy neural networks based on the sliding mode control. As a dynamic friction model, the LuGre model is adopted for handling friction compensation because it has been known to capture sufficiently the properties of a nonlinear dynamic friction. A(More)
In this article, a robust nonlinear friction control strategy is developed using friction observer and recurrent fuzzy neural network. The adaptive dynamic friction observer based on the LuGre friction model is proposed to estimates the friction parameters and a directly immeasurable friction state variable. A RFNN approximator and reconstructed error(More)
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