Chan-Myung Kim

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The wireless sensor networks have emerged as a promising tool for monitoring the physical world. Recently directional sensor networks (DSNs) consisting of directional sensors have gained attention. DSNs comprise a large number of sensors equipped with limited angles of sensing range and a limited battery. In DSNs, maximizing network lifetime while covering(More)
In delay-tolerant networks, network topology changes dynamically and there is no guarantee of continuous connectivity between any two nodes. These features make DTN routing one of important research issues, and the application of social network metrics has led to the design of recent DTN routing schemes. In this paper, we propose an efficient routing scheme(More)
In this paper, we study the sensor deployment pattern problem in cyber physical systems. When designing the sensor deployment pattern, the network lifetime maximization while covering the given area/targets and forwarding sensor data to a sink node is an important issue. In order to prolong the network lifetime by balancing energy depletion across all(More)
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