Chan-Hyun Youn

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Facing the increasing demands and challenges in the area of chronic disease care, various studies on the healthcare system which can, whenever and wherever, extract and process patient data have been conducted. Chronic diseases are the long-term diseases and require the processes of the real-time monitoring, multidimensional quantitative analysis, and the(More)
As cloud computing and wireless body sensor network technologies become gradually developed, ubiquitous healthcare services prevent accidents instantly and effectively, as well as provides relevant information to reduce related processing time and cost. This study proposes a co-processing intermediary framework integrated cloud and wireless body sensor(More)
In this paper, the energy efficiency of multi-input single-output and orthogonal frequency division multiplex-ing (MISO-OFDM) communication systems with power and capacity constraints is investigated. By formulating the power allocation problem of MISO-OFDM communication systems, the minimum subchannel transmission power is analyzed with power and capacity(More)
—The cloud environment makes it possible to analyze large data sets in a scalable computing infrastructure. In the bioinformatics field, the applications are composed of the complex workflow tasks, which require huge data storage as well as a computing-intensive parallel workload. Many approaches have been introduced in distributed solutions. However, they(More)
Circadian variations of heart rate variability (HRV) have been well known in cardiac diseases. However, long term HRV features were not thoroughly investigated for the prediction of atrial fibrillation (AF). Thus, we analyzed the 15 hour long changes of HRV of normal sinus rhythm (NSR) and AF data. Long term patterns of HR V in NSR were established first(More)