Chan-Hsiang Hsu

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The synthesis, crystal structure, magnetic properties, and single-molecule conductance of two new trinuclear metal string complexes, [Ni(3)(dzp)(4)(NCS)(2)] (2) and [Co(3)(dzp)(4)(NCS)(2)] (3), containing the rigid Hdzp ligand (1, 1,9-diazaphenoxazine) are reported. X-ray structural analyses show that compounds 2 and 3 exhibit smaller torsion angles and(More)
The use of single-molecule junctions for various functions constitutes a central goal of molecular electronics. The functional features and the efficiency of electron transport are dictated by the degree of energy-level alignment (ELA), that is, the offset potential between the electrode Fermi level and the frontier molecular orbitals. Examples manifesting(More)
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