Chan Hong Park

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BACKGROUND Chronic low back pain can be a manifestation of lumbar degenerative disease, herniation of intervertebral discs, arthritis, or lumbar stenosis. When nerve roots are compromised, low back pain, with or without lower extremity involvement, may occur. Local inflammatory processes play an important role in patients with acute lumbosciatic pain. The(More)
Sacral nerve stimulation through the retrograde approach has been used for peroneal or irritable bowel syndrome through the retrograde approach. However, several reasons, lead could not be advanced down ward. In this case, anterograde sacral nerve stimulation through the sacral hiatus could be used. The aim of this report is to present of technique of(More)
BACKGROUND Transforaminal epidural steroid injections are known to reduce inflammation by inhibiting synthesis of various proinflammatory mediators and have been used increasingly. The anti-inflammatory properties of opioids are not as fully understood but apparently involve antagonism sensory neuron excitability and pro-inflammatory neuropeptide release.(More)
BACKGROUND Facet joint have been implicated as a source of chronic low back pain. Radiofrequency denervation has demonstrated the most solid evidence. To increase safety and efficacy of treatment, computed tomography (CT) guidance injection has been used in several disease. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of CT-guided radiofrequency(More)
BACKGROUND An intravenous infusion of lidocaine has been used on numerous occasions to produce analgesia in neuropathic pain. In the cases of failed back surgery syndrom, the pain generated as result of abnormal impulse from the dorsal root ganglion and spinal cord, for instance as a result of nerve injury may be particularly sensitive to lidocaine. The aim(More)
Content-centric networking has been recently proposed to define a new networking architecture where the content itself becomes the core of communications rather than the address or location. In terms of availability and efficient delivery of data, content-centric networking has been the main focus to a great extent. Currently, the content-centric networking(More)
Various heterogeneous access networks are being converged toward an IP-based core network. In the converged network, it is essential to provide seamless service quality for multimedia services using a situation-aware signaling mechanism for selecting an appropriate access network that can support the desired service quality. Although many signaling(More)
I have recently reviewed the interesting article by Far-zanegan et al. (1), published in the 2011 issue of the Anes-thesiology and Pain Medicine: " Quality of life (QOL) evaluation of patients undergoing lumbar discectomy using Short Form 36 ". Lumbar discectomy improved both the physical and mental health subscales in patients' QOL with chronic disc(More)
BACKGROUND The objective was to evaluate the distance from the skin and the diameter of the piriformis muscle and their relationship to the body mass index (BMI). METHODS The study was a prospective study involving 60 patients. Patients were prepared on a radiological table in the prone position. Several images were obtained of each. In this view, the(More)