Chan H. Ham

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Based on the Lyapunov's direct method, a new learning control design is proposed. The proposed technique can be applied in two ways: it is either the standard backward recursive design or its extension. In the "rst case, the design yields a class of learning control with a di!erence learning law, under which the class of nonlinear systems is guaranteed to(More)
A robust fuzzy control is developed for robot manipulators to guarantee both global stability and Performance. Robot dynamics under consideration may include large nonlinear uncertainties, such as nonlinear load variations and unmodelled dynamics. Fuzzy sets are chosen based on performance requirements and stability regions of the control system. For each(More)
A new collaborative design scheme of a super-high-speed permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and its digital controller is presented, which provides a low-cost but highly efficient motor system with guaranteed stability and performance. Since the systematic design of the PMSM can ensure its stability over the full operating speed range, a simple and(More)
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