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This paper describes the investigation on the effects of separation length and voltage on IEF in a plastic microfluidic device. A LIF, whole-channel imaging detection (WCID) system was developed to monitor proteins while they were moving under an electric field. IEF was carried out in a separation medium consisting of carrier ampholytes and a mixture of(More)
An experimental and numerical study is performed to analyse short pulse laser propagation through tissue phantoms without and with inhomogeneities embedded in it. Short pulse laser probing techniques have distinct advantages over conventional very large pulse width or cw lasers primarily due to the additional information conveyed about the tissue interior(More)
The idea of successively reening an abstract speciication until it contains enough detail to suggest an implementation has been investigated by numerous researchers. The emphasis to date has been on techniques that, unfortunately, lead to a large amount of manual formal labor for each reenement step. With such techniques, both the cost and the possibility(More)
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