Chamith Wijenayake

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A low-complexity systolic-array architecture is proposed for obtaining multiple(N) broadband radio-frequency (RF) beams in smart antenna arrays. The N-beam 2D IIR digital filter is based on the concept of 2D passive ladder network resonance, leading to differential-form implementations which are highly-suitable for RF throughput levels. The proposed(More)
The potential use of multi-dimensional (MD) signal processing concepts and 1-D tunable bandpass filtering (BPF) for 2-D space-time (ST) spectrum sensing in a cognitive radio environment is proposed. The 2-D ST spectrum sensing allows the secondary users to search and detect white spaces along different spatial directions at a given time instance. This 2-D(More)
The application of multi-dimensional (MD) infinite impulse response (IIR) space-time beam filters in radio source localization in cognitive radio (CR) environments is investigated. Knowledge of the position of radio sources in a CR network leads to the detection of white spaces in the MD frequency domain, thereby creating more opportunistic links for the(More)