Chamara A. Wijesinghe

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INTRODUCTION The psychological impact of snakebite on its victims, especially possible late effects, has not been systematically studied. OBJECTIVES To assess delayed somatic symptoms, depressive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and impairment in functioning, among snakebite victims. METHODS The study had qualitative and quantitative(More)
BACKGROUND Snakebite results in delayed psychological morbidity and negative psycho-social impact. However, psychological support is rarely provided to victims. AIM To assess the effectiveness of a brief intervention which can be provided by non-specialist doctors aimed at reducing psychological morbidity following snakebite envenoming. METHOD In a(More)
While delighted to see that the prestigious Ceylon Medical Journal has published an article on the important topic of tobacco, alcohol and doctors [1], and fully agreeing with much of what Carlo Fonseka has written, I am concerned about the potential misinterpretation of his passage about “Famous soft drug addicts”. He mentions the case of some famous(More)
Near-death experiences (NDEs) are a wide range of experiences that occur in association with impending death. There are no published studies on NDEs in general hospital populations, and studies have been mainly conducted on critically ill patients. We assessed the prevalence of NDEs and its associations in a multi-religious population in a general hospital(More)
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