Chalitha Perera

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PURPOSE Smartphone-based Snellen visual acuity charts has become popularized; however, their accuracy has not been established. This study aimed to evaluate the equivalence of a smartphone-based visual acuity chart with a standard 6-m Snellen visual acuity (6SVA) chart. METHODS First, a review of available Snellen chart applications on iPhone was(More)
We address the problem of tuning the performance of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) with run-time flags (parameters). We use the Hot Spot JVM in our study. As the Hot Spot JVM comes with over 600 flags to choose from, selecting a subset manually to maximize performance is infeasible. In prior work, the potential performance improvement is limited by the fact(More)
In recent years there is a rapid growth of unstructured text and multimedia content, which includes audio, video and image content on the web and within the enterprise. Handling these large volumes of data is cumbersome without effective methods for content analysis and retrieval. This paper presents Sensefy – a cross media information retrieval system,(More)
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