Chakravarthini Saaj

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The class of Pneumatically-driven Lower-pressure Soft Actuators (PLSA) is a popular research topic as it can be potentially used in the surgical robotic applications. One fundamental problem lying in the PLSA research is the lack of a generally validated model for the complex nonlinear dynamic behaviours. In this paper, a new coefficient-adaptive(More)
BACKGROUND This paper investigates different types of crimped, braided sleeve used for a soft arm for robotic abdominal surgery, with the sleeve required to contain balloon expansion in the pneumatically actuating arm while it follows the required bending, elongation and diameter reduction of the arm. MATERIAL AND METHODS Three types of crimped, braided(More)
In off-road applications, where mobile robots operate on rough environments, the physical properties of the terrain play a key role on their performance. An extreme example is posed by planetary rover missions to Mars, for which communication constraints and the inability of vision-based approaches to detect non-geometric hazards, e.g. sand traps hidden(More)
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