Chakravarthini M. Saaj

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Gain tuning is a crucial part of controller design and depends not only on an accurate understanding of the system in question, but also on the designer's ability to predict what disturbances and other perturbations the system will encounter throughout its operation. This letter presents ANUBIS (artificial neuromodulation using a Bayesian inference system),(More)
BACKGROUND This paper investigates different types of crimped, braided sleeve used for a soft arm for robotic abdominal surgery, with the sleeve required to contain balloon expansion in the pneumatically actuating arm while it follows the required bending, elongation and diameter reduction of the arm. MATERIAL AND METHODS Three types of crimped, braided(More)
Although walking rovers perform well in rocky terrain, their performance over sands and other deformable materials has not been well studied. A better understanding of walking rover terramechanics will be essential if they are to be actually deployed on a space mission. This paper presents a comprehensive walking rover terramechanics model incorporating(More)
The ESA ExoMars mission involves landing a rover on the surface of Mars on an exobi-ology mission to extend the search for life. The locomotion capabilities of the ExoMars rover will enable it to use its scientific instruments in a wide variety of locations. Before it is sent to Mars, this locomotion system must be tested and its performance limitations(More)
On-Orbit Servicing (OOS) involves assembly, repair and maintenance of satellites, space stations and platforms using robot manipulators. This is an emerging technology and there is a great demand to develop innovative, feasible and low-cost technology. Autonomous path planning and obstacle avoidance of the servicing robot arm is challenging and would(More)
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