Chakra P Joshi

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Silver nanoparticles with an atomically precise molecular formula [Ag25(SR)18](-) (-SR: thiolate) are synthesized, and their single-crystal structure is determined. This synthesized nanocluster is the only silver nanoparticle that has a virtually identical analogue in gold, i.e., [Au25(SR)18](-), in terms of number of metal atoms, ligand count, superatom(More)
Synthesis of atom-precise alloy nanoclusters with uniform composition is challenging when the alloying atoms are similar in size (for example, Ag and Au). A galvanic exchange strategy has been devised to produce a compositionally uniform [Ag24Au(SR)18](-) cluster (SR: thiolate) using a pure [Ag25(SR)18](-) cluster as a template. Conversely, the direct(More)
The properties of Ag nanoclusters are not as well understood as those of their more precious Au cousins. However, a recent surge in the exploration of strategies to tune the physicochemical characteristics of Ag clusters addresses this imbalance, leading to new insights into their optical, luminescence, crystal habit, metal-core, ligand-shell, and(More)
Achieving water splitting at low overpotential with high oxygen evolution efficiency and stability is important for realizing solar to chemical energy conversion devices. Herein we report the synthesis, characterization and electrochemical evaluation of highly active nickel nanoclusters (Ni NCs) for water oxidation at low overpotential. These atomically(More)
Engineering the surface ligands of metal nanoparticles is critical in designing unique arrangements of metal atoms. Here, we report the synthesis and total structure determination of a large box-shaped Ag67 nanocluster (NC) protected by a mixed shell of thiolate (2,4-dimethylbenzenethiolate, SPhMe2) and phosphine (triphenylphosphine, PPh3) ligands. Single(More)
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