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PEnTrans is an automatic bidirectional English/ Persian text translator. It contains two main modules, PEnT1,2. PEnT1 translates English sentences into Persian and PEnT2 performs translation from Persian to English. WSD which is an important part in translation is done in both systems by employing a combination of extended dictionary and corpus based(More)
This paper describes how a Persian text alignment corpus was constructed to evaluate plagiarism detection systems. This corpus is in PAN format and contains 11,089 documents and more than 11,603 plagiarism cases. Efforts were made to simulate various types of plagiarism manually, semi-automatically, or automatically in this large-scale corpus.
The necessity of machine translation systems is growing rapidly due to the increase of documents and translation requests. Reading web pages, news, articles, manuals and users' guides and getting the gist of a test are some of the examples for our daily need to translation. This paper introduces a Persian to English machine translation system, named PEnT2.(More)
This paper presents the results of systematic experimentation on the impact in duplicate question detection of different types of questions across both a number of established approaches and a novel, superior one used to address this language processing task. This study permits to gain a novel insight on the different levels of robustness of the diverse(More)
Deep-syntax approaches to machine translation have emerged as an alternative to phrase-based statistical systems. TectoMT is an open source framework for transfer-based MT which works at the deep tectogrammatical level and combines linguistic knowledge and statistical techniques. When adapting to a domain, terminological resources improve results with(More)
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