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Determining order relationship between events in distributed computations is a fundamental problem with applications in distributed monitoring systems and fault-tolerance. Fidge and Mattern's vector clocks capture the order relationship with vectors of size AE in a system with AE processes. Since many distributed applications use synchronous messages, it is(More)
Determining order relationship between events of a distributed computation is a fundamental problem in distributed systems which has applications in many areas including debugging, visualization, checkpointing and recovery. Fidge/Mattern's vector-clock mechanism captures the order relationship using a vector of size N in a system consisting of N processes.(More)
<i>In this paper, we show the connection between vector clocks used in distributed computing and dimension theory of partially ordered sets. Based on this connection, we provide lower bounds on the number of coordinates for timestamping events in a distributed computation for capturing the happened- before relation. To this end, we introduce the notion of a(More)
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