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Segmentation is one of the fundamental components in time series data mining. One of the uses of the time series segmentation is trend analysis to segment the time series into primitive trends like uptrend and downtrend. In this paper, a time series segmentation method based on a specialized binary tree representation scheme is proposed; this representation(More)
SB-Tree is a binary tree data structure proposed to represent time series according to the importance of data points. Its use in stock data management is distinguished by preserving the critical data points' attribute values, retrieving time series data according to the importance of data points and facilitating multi-resolution time series retrieval. As(More)
Discovery of interesting or frequently appearing time series patterns is one of the important tasks in various time series data mining applications. However, recent research criticized that discovering subsequence patterns in time series using clustering approaches is meaningless. It is due to the presence of trivial matched subsequences in the formation of(More)
It is always expected that a correlation exists between the movement of stock prices (technical analysis) and news sentiment (fundamental analysis). If we can determine such a correlation, further interesting research directions will certainly be generated. In this paper, a system prototype is proposed for investigating the correlation between stock prices(More)