Chak Man Li

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Color brings extra data capacity for QR codes, but it also brings tremendous challenges to the decoding because of color interference and illumination variation, especially for high-density QR codes. In this paper, we put forth a framework for high-capacity QR codes, HiQ, which optimizes the decoding algorithm for high-density QR codes to achieve robust and(More)
We report an extremely rare case of gas-filled abdominal mass caused by an ovarian teratoma fistulating to the sigmoid colon. The patient was an 85-year-old female, who presented with severe abdominal distension. Urgent computed tomography scan showed a huge abdominal mass with air fluid level and fecal matter inside. Communication between the mass and the(More)
All printed documents and credentials are potentially subject to counterfeiting and forgery. Conventional counterfeiting solutions such as watermarking or printing with special-quality paper are not cost-effective. Certification via authorized chops/ stamps is low-cost but only provides a false sense of security/ authenticity. While embedding a serial(More)
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