Chaiyapoj Netsiri

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Spreading cortical depolarization and depression of electroencephalographic activity (SD) may underlie the aura and spreading neurovascular events of migraine. Cortical depolarization may also precipitate the progressive development of cerebral pathology following ischemia. However, data on SD in the human brain are sparse, most likely reflecting the(More)
BACKGROUND Prior studies have shown a consistent reduction of the auditory P300 in schizophrenia, while the visual attention findings have been mixed. Both the auditory and visual N2b, an earlier, modality-specific attention index, are reduced in schizophrenia, sometimes despite sparing of the visual P300. Thus there may be a dissociation between the N2b(More)
An application of independent component analysis to blood oxygenation level- dependent MRI (BOLD-MRI) results was used to detect cerebrovascular changes that followed the initiation of cortical spreading depression (CSD) in feline brain. The cortical images were obtained from a horizontal plane at 28 s intervals before, and for 1.4-1.75 h after, KCl(More)
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