Chaiwoo Lee

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Future space exploration missions and campaigns will require sophisticated tools to help plan and analyze logistics. To encourage their use, space logistics tools must be usable: a design concept encompassing terms such as efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction. This paper presents a usability study of two such tools: SpaceNet, a discrete event(More)
Individual in-depth interviews • Questions on experiences with the original system, thoughts on various technologies, and behaviors around purchase and use of new technologies • Semi-structured & open ended • Interviewed at home to have a comfortable setting and to enable closer observation − What were the impacts of having the system? − You were provided(More)
This study examined relationships between individual user characteristics and perceptions about technology -- experience, adoption, ability to learn, and trust. Based on responses from a diverse sample of 610 individuals with driving experience, it was found that perceived health and well-being were strongly associated with experience and perceptions around(More)
The aging of the population is an important global phenomenon that is bringing changes and challenges to various areas of society. Technology has been explored as one way to cope with the complexities and uncertainties that are emerging with this demographic change. However, the responses from the potential user segment have been far from enthusiastic,(More)
When computer-based tools are used for analysis of complex systems, the design of user interactions and interfaces becomes an essential part of development that determines the overall quality. The objective of this study is to investigate the processes and results of user interactions with integrated analysis tools to synthesize design implications for(More)
Driver interaction with two production voice-command interfaces representing differing user interface design approaches were compared under onroad highway driving conditions. A sample of 80 drivers was randomly assigned to drive each vehicle (40 per vehicle). During voice-based phone contact calling and destination address entry, participants in one vehicle(More)
We examine how the sharing of parents' medication compliance information with their mature children can support compliance. We develop a medication management system that reminds the parents to take their medication as well as informing their children of compliance status. We install the system into the homes of four families consisting of parents living(More)