Chaiwat Sathawornwichit

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In this paper, we present an approach for maintaining consistency among design models, system under test, and test components. Our approach provides an automatic updating technique to deal with changes that happen frequently in agile software development. Consistency reflection by automatic updating allows us to cut off manual tasks required in maintaining(More)
Timing characteristic is a crucial point of concern in the design of real-time systems, because the systems are to operates under time-critical conditions. In this paper, we present a verification-driven approach for improving the correctness in the design of real-time systems. Our approach abstracts the details of timing information of the system by using(More)
This paper presents an approach to automate modification of development assets - both test programs and system codes in continuous service development. This approach is attained by metadata, which describes structural behavior and used for transmitting updates among design model, test components, and system under test. This mechanism is illustrated with a(More)
In designing real time software, system designers need to find out the time budget to allocate to each action of real time tasks so that the tasks can meet their deadlines. Our solution to this problem involves representing the execution time of the actions as parameters, then analyzing the collaborative behavior of those real time tasks. This paper(More)
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