Chaiwat Bootchai

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Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) do not provide a full account of the heritability of genetic diseases since gene-gene interactions, also known as epistasis are not considered in single locus GWAS. To address this problem, a considerable number of methods have been developed for identifying disease-associated gene-gene interactions. However, these(More)
BACKGROUND microRNAs are generally understood to regulate gene expression through binding to target sequences within 3'-UTRs of mRNAs. Therefore, computational prediction of target sites is usually restricted to these gene regions. Recent experimental studies though have suggested that microRNAs may alternatively modulate gene expression by interacting with(More)
microRNA (miRNA)-promoter interaction resource (microPIR) is a public database containing over 15 million predicted miRNA target sites located within human promoter sequences. These predicted targets are presented along with their related genomic and experimental data, making the microPIR database the most comprehensive repository of miRNA promoter target(More)
With the advent of comparative genomics, an increasing amount of genomic data from different organisms is to be compared. This paper presents an approach to integrate bioinformatics data from various source databases using web services and a private registry. The goal is to construct an efficient framework that correctly integrates genomic databases via web(More)
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