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Community assembly involves two antagonistic processes that select functional traits in opposite directions. Environmental filtering tends to increase the functional similarity of species within communities leading to trait convergence, whereas competition tends to limit the functional similarity of species within communities leading to trait divergence.(More)
We report, to the best of our knowledge, the first demonstration of thermally controlled soliton mode-locked frequency comb generation in microresonators. By controlling the electric current through heaters integrated with silicon nitride microresonators, we demonstrate a systematic and repeatable pathway to single- and multi-soliton mode-locked states(More)
We demonstrate the generation of a supercontinuum spanning more than 1.4 octaves in a silicon nitride waveguide using sub-100-fs pulses at 1 μm generated by either a 53-MHz, diode-pumped ytterbium (Yb) fiber laser or a 1-GHz, Yb:CaAlGdO(4) (Yb:CALGO) laser. Our numerical simulations show that the broadband supercontinuum is fully coherent, and a spectral(More)
We explore the phase diagram of the dissipative Rabi-Hubbard model, as could be realized by a Raman-pumping scheme applied to a coupled cavity array. There exist various exotic attractors, including ferroelectric, antiferroelectric, and incommensurate fixed points, as well as regions of persistent oscillations. Many of these features can be understood(More)
N-layer transition metal dichalcogenides provide a unique platform to investigate the evolution of the physical properties between the bulk (three-dimensional) and monolayer (quasi-two-dimensional) limits. Here, using high-resolution micro-Raman spectroscopy, we report a unified experimental description of the Γ-point optical phonons in N-layer(More)
—Progger, a kernel-spaced cloud data provenance logger which provides fine-grained data activity records, was recently developed to empower cloud stakeholders to trace data life cycles within and across clouds. Progger logs have the potential to allow analysts to infer user actions and create a data-centric behaviour history in a cloud computing(More)
This paper introduces a new approach of approximate Bayesian inference for Stochas-tic Differential Equation (SDE) models. This approach is not MCMC based and aims to provide a more efficient option for Bayesian inference on SDE models. There are two novel aspects about this approach: the first concerns the way in which the parameter space is explored and(More)
Prospects for reaching persistent entanglement between two spatially-separated atomic Bose–Einstein condensates are outlined. The system setup comprises two condensates loaded in an optical lattice, which, in return, is confined within a high-Q optical resonator. The system is driven by an external laser that illuminates the atoms, such that photons can(More)
Globally-widespread phosphate fertilizer applications have resulted in long-term increases in the concentration of cadmium (Cd) in soils. The accumulation of this biotoxic, and bioaccumulative metal presents problems for the management of soil-plant-animal systems, because the magnitude and direction of removal fluxes (e.g. crop uptake, leaching) have been(More)