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Anin vitro study in dual-flow continuous-culture fermentors was conducted with two different concentrations of monensin, cinnamaldehyde or garlic extract added to 1:1 forage-to-concentrate diet in order to determine their effects on selected rumen bacterial populations. Samples were subjected to total DNA extraction, restriction analysis of PCR amplified(More)
Two representative strains of Gram-negative rumen bacteria from the genus Prevotella were used as model organisms in order to evaluate the effect of cinnamaldehyde (the secondary metabolite found in extracts of the Cinnamomum family) vs. sodium monensin on growth, cell size and cell protein production. Prevotella bryantii B14 was found to be remarkably more(More)
To evaluate the effect of two bacterial strains isolated from Artemia cysts and yeast (Candida utilis) on the survival, growth and total biomass production of its larvae, challenge tests were performed with Candida utilis, Pseudomonas stutzeri and Pasteurella haemolityca. In addition, a pathogenic strain of Vibrio alginolyticus was tested for comparative(More)
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