Chaianun Damrongrat

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We propose a feature called category browsing to enhance the full-text search function of Thai-language news article search engine. The category browsing allows users to browse and filter search results based on some predefined categories. To implement the category browsing feature, we applied and compared among several text categorization algorithms(More)
Thai language is considered as an unsegmented language in which words are written continuously without the use of word delimiters. To index Thai texts via the inverted index, a word segmentation algorithm is usually required to tokenize a text into a series of terms. Recent works on word segmentation reported Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) as the best(More)
We propose a collaborative framework for collecting Thai unknown words found on Web pages over the Internet. Our main goal is to design and construct a Webbased system which allows a group of interested users to participate in constructing a Thai unknown-word open dictionary. The proposed framework provides supporting algorithms and tools for automatically(More)
Information Extraction (IE) is a process of discovering implicit and potentially important keywords underlying unstructured natural-language text corpus. Most previously proposed solutions to IE were accomplished by constructing a set of words from given text corpus during the preprocessing step. Due to the inherent chracteristic of Thai written language(More)
Recommender systems have been successfully applied to enhance the quality of service for customers, and more importantly, to increase the sale of products and services in e-commerce business. In order to provide effective recommendation results within an acceptable response time, a recommender system is required to have the scalability to handle a large(More)
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