Chafiq Hamdouchi

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We describe a novel corticotropin-releasing factor receptor 1 (CRF1) antagonist with advantageous properties for clinical development, and its in vivo activity in preclinical alcoholism models.(More)
The G protein-coupled receptor 40 (GPR40) also known as free fatty acid receptor 1 (FFAR1) is highly expressed in pancreatic, islet β-cells and responds to endogenous fatty acids, resulting in(More)
A series of 2-amino-3-substituted-6-[(E)-1-phenyl-2-(N-methylcarbamoyl)vinyl]+ ++imid azo[1,2-a]pyridines 1a-i, structurally related to Enviroxime and its analogous benzimidazoles, was designed and(More)
As a part of our program to identify potent GPR40 agonists capable of being dosed orally once daily in humans, we incorporated fused heterocycles into our recently disclosed spiropiperidine and(More)